Happy New Year 2024 from Pamela Sue Art & Designs - Alaska!

Happy New Year 2024 from Pamela Sue Art & Designs - Alaska!

Happy New Year from Pamela Sue Art & Designs in Alaska! The beautiful winter photo with the full moon above was taken in late December while I was on a lovely winter walk in downtown Fairbanks. © Pamela Sue Art & Designs

Looking Back at 2023!
Did 2023 just fly by? Because it seems 2024 arrived so quickly and on the heels of the biggest change that occurred in 2023! That big change was closing my former business, Santa's Letters and Gifts, which I founded and operated for 20+ years.

Santa's Letters and Gifts celebrates 20 years

Screenshot: Front page story courtesy of Kris Capps - Fairbanks Daily News Miner, December 2022

Seems like a lifetime ago now, but after studying coursework at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and just one year after my younger son's first birthday, I founded Santa's Letters and Gifts. My oldest son was five at the time so there was a lot of shuffling personal and business time, shuttling kids to and from a myriad of activities, and many late nights working into the night when everyone was asleep except me, Mrs. Claus (as I later became known).

That was in 2002, and starting a business back then was like having another baby, only this time it was a business baby I birthed into the world! I still had to nurture it, take care of it and make sure it was fed and doing well so it could thrive and grow, much like a baby or child. :)

New Business Opens
Fast forward to 2023 (21 years later), and I found myself ready for a change! Having spent the prior two years on a creative journey taking classes, I decided to take the plunge and opened a new business, Pamela Sue Art & Designs. It has been exciting to see this new business come to fruition and have my new website built, too.

Pamela Sue Art & Designs Website in Alaska

Photo above: Screenshot of Pamela Sue Art & Designs new website!

This transition took place at the same time I was still operating Santa's Letters and Gifts. So, needless to say, it used up nearly all the mental, physical and emotional bandwidth I had, as well as financial, but I am happy to report I am getting near the finish line of this big change and excited for the future!

Old Business Closes
By the end of Summer 2023, I made the tough decision to close my business, Santa's Letters and Gifts in the fall, and invite my customers to join me on my new art journey going forward at Pamela Sue Art & Designs, while still providing a new style of Santa Letters, available seasonally.

Many thoughts and emotions accompanied this difficult decision to close, including sadness and fear as well as joy and relief. Having made it mostly through this transitional period while experiencing a 'bout of nostalgia last month, things have begun to move forward as I navigate this new role and continue to be a work in progress. And, as the saying goes, I have found that in order to welcome something new, you have to let go of the thing that no longer serves you or brings you joy.

New Year 2024
With a new year in front of me, comes new decisions and a sense of renewal and starting over. I'm feeling good about the decision to close my Santa letter business and move forward, even though I have a felt sense of loosing my identity. By resting in the space in-between opportunity and the unknown, I am excited to see where it leads and what new possibilities will arise in the coming year. 

The new year has also been a good time to reflect, reevaluate and look back on the year to determine what worked and what didn't work in my business. This reflection time will help me decide what I want to do more of in the coming year and what I want to do less of or change in the coming year.

There has been time to review accomplishments and wins too and really savor all the things that worked well, which in turn has helped provide increased momentum, joy and excitement going forward.

For the first quarter of 2024, I will rest in the small group of artists and creative entrepreneurs I have met online, and those I have met in-person. I am looking forward to growing and learning from these talented individuals and forging possible collaborations in the future.

What's New?

January 5, 2024, First Friday Event at North Pole Alehouse - North Pole, Alaska

Pamela Sue Art & Designs at North Pole Alehouse for First Friday January 5, 2024

Excited to be a vendor at the North Pole Alehouse today, Friday, January 5, from 6pm to 9pm. Hope to see you there and I'll be glad to help you pick out a lovely print for your home or office. Or, you may wish to grab a pack of cheerful cards to send a note to family and friends, or purchase a gift for yourself to enjoy in the new year.

There will also be six to seven additional talented vendors participating in the event and live entertainment, so come grab a brew with friends and we'll see you there!

More Good News!

Alaska Women Speak Journal Chooses my Artwork for their Winter 2024 Issue!

Pamela Sue Art & Designs artwork chosen to be in Winter 2024 Alaska Women Speak journal

When I received an email from Alaska Women Speak journal, announcing they had selected my artwork for publication in their Winter 2024 issue, I was ecstatic! The theme for this issue is Hygge Solitude. Read more about my art inspiration for this issue when you subscribe to my newsletter - to be published in late January.

Alaska Women Speak is a literary journal published quarterly with poems and essays by Alaskan women.

Spring Artwork
This spring my goal is to begin creating more surface pattern designs and building my portfolio. I'll also continue creating cheerful, nature-inspired artwork on cards, prints, relief prints, tiles and products with my artwork like totes, pillows and more.

Stay tuned or feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to keep in touch!

Thank You and Happy New Year 2024
Thank you for reading my blog! It's published quarterly, but I may add additional posts throughout the year to announce new products and/or events, and promotions.

Wishing you a peaceful, fun and adventurous new year in 2024!

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