Our beautiful, rustic greenhouse in North Pole, Alaska

Happy Spring | First Friday | New Carrot Tote Bags | Pamela Sue's Artwork in Alaska Women Speak Journal

Happy Spring! It's almost summer and nearly five months since my last blog post! Where did the time go? Above is a photo of our greenhouse and the huge sunflowers that my husband planted one year.

Taking five months off was not in my original plans, but with extended family travel, the extreme arctic winter, and a few tech glitches, it was a good time to step back and enjoy some down time after many years of writing. 

Over the coming month, I plan to send out a new newsletter for Pamela Sue Art & Designs. Last year I switched to a new email platform and have had numerous technical difficulties after switching and I haven't been able to send emails. I will be working on this issue and look forward to getting things rolling again.

Excited to be participating in a First Friday event, along with 4-5 other Alaskan artists, this Friday, June 7, at Latitude 65 Brewery in Fairbanks. Time: 4pm to 9pm. Hope to see you there!

I'll have pre-orders available for my new watercolor Carrot Tote Bags, Prints, Cards, hand-pressed relief prints and a giveaway for a Sheep Pillow for all newsletter sign ups. Come check out all the artists and their beautiful artwork in our community!

We have been growing a small garden each summer for 20+ years and Alaskan carrots are my all-time favorite vegetable, with their juicy, sweet flavor that packs an unforgettable punch. The taste is like a fine wine at the end of harvest season!

With the gardening season top of mind, I am excited to announce I have new, watercolor Carrot Tote Bags (see below) arriving soon and they are available for pre-order. My new Carrot Tote Bags were inspired by our tasty and lovely garden, and I also have watercolor carrot prints and carrot cards available for purchase, too.

Our large, Got Carrots Tote Bag, is the perfect accessory to brighten your day and keep you organized. Made of 100% cotton canvas and designed by Alaskan artist, Pamela Sue, of Pamela Sue Art & Designs-Alaska.

As mentioned above, my new, watercolor Carrot Tote Bags can pre-ordered and our stock will be arriving in approximately mid-June. Note: The photos here and on the product page appear somewhat blurry since it is a low res screenshot, but the artwork is sharp and colorful. When we have the tote bags in stock, we will add new photos.

My artwork (see below) was chosen to be included in the Winter 2024 issue of the Alaska Women Speak journal! This is the second time my artwork was chosen (last time it was for the cover issue of Winter 2022) and I am so grateful and honored. Winter Hygge Art Prints can be ordered for a brief period, thru June 23, and I won't be offering them again until Fall 2024. 

Beautiful "Winter Hygge" prints (8" x 10") designed by Pamela Sue.  Available from PamelaSueArtandDesigns.com - Alaska.

The blue color version of my "Winter Hygge" artwork, shown above, was chosen for the Alaska Women Speak winter issue. This artwork was inspired by our long arctic winters in Alaska and also by summer, my favorite time of year.

One of my rituals is to burn candles which brings more light and warmth into our home. This light also represents the goodness that resides in each of us. The other ritual I treasure is planting flowers and flower baskets, and growing herbs and lettuce. These flowers represent the summertime's floral beauty.

That's all the news for now, from the Far North, in North Pole, Alaska! Hope you have many lazy, warm summer days and you are able to get outdoors to enjoy the beauty. ♥


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